2017: July 21-29    2018: June 30-July 18

"Music brings people together"(PDF)

"Grand Concert at Pretoria City Hall-exhilarating performances"

"Prestigious Ihlombe Choral Festival" - Petula Dvorak (PDF)

"Toronto Children's Chorus sings tribute to Nelson Mandela in South Africa...The lessons learned in South Africa will never be forgotten." (PDF)

"More Than Just Music" (PDF)

"Singing That Nourishes Body and Soul" (PDF)

"Choral Voices a Heavenly Aural Delight" (PDF)

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Bishop Anstey High School Choir from Trinidad & Tobago, during Ihlombe 2013

Imilonji kaNthu Choral Society of Soweto, during Ihlombe 2013
"I loved the balance between sightseeing and actual concerts. I felt less like a tourist because I got to interact (and sing) with all the wonderful, different people of South Africa. Thank you so much—this trip has truly changed my life."
Chorister - Children's Chorus of Washington
Cenestra Male Choir at Ihlombe! 2009