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Over Twenty Years of Orchestrating Change
Classical Movements in collaboration with our touring Choirs, Orchestras, and Bands Making a Difference!

Since the founding of the company in 1992, Classical Movements has been using the joy of making music as a catalyst for social transformation all over the world. With each of our tours, festivals, and commissions, we strive to provide our clients not only with enriching artistic collaborations, but also with the opportunity to engage in unique community-based musical initiatives. As a truly global company, working in over 140 countries and producing over 200 concerts globally every year, Classical Movements is as committed as ever to supporting the economies of other countries by encouraging travel, the development of the performing arts, and tourism. In 2014, Classical Movements was proud to accept the BCA10 Award from Americans for the Arts as a top business contributing to the Arts. With numerous exciting projects yet to be announced, we hope you will continue to follow and be part our journey.
As with new music commissions we also contribute to causes important to life.
Facilitating musical exchanges and collaborations around the world.
Workshop opportunities with world-renowned conductors, clinicians, and ensembles.
Through musical experiences, we encourage interaction and learning from one another.
Opportunities to participate in preservation, rebuilding, and outreach.


Apart from commissioning new music through our Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program, Classical Movements also contributes to a variety of organizations and causes that are important to life on earth.

  • Minnesota Orchestra - Historic return to Cuba after 85 years! The Minnesota Orchestra's historic Cuba tour featured several outreach and exchange opportunities for Orchestra musicians to play alongside and coach Cuban student musicians. At the Escuela Nacional de Música, a national high school for music study, Minnesota Orchestra brass, string, percussion and woodwind players coached student chamber groups, held master classes and exchanged musical performances in a two-hour session.
  • Colburn Children’s Choir raised funds for St. Matthias Church: With the assistance of Classical Movements, Colburn Children's Choir raised $1,000 for St. Matthias Church's Irinyi Károly Foundation of Esztár during their successful tour to the region in 2014.
  • Funds for Teachers’ Salaries at the School of Music in Brazil Favela: Classical Movements donated towards teacher salaries at the Escola de Música de Rocinha, located in Rio de Janeiro's largest slum, in order to facilitate music educational initiatives in the region.
  • Support for the Music Program of Groton High School Music Department: Classical Movements donated $3,655 to the Groton School's Music Department.
  • Donation of Harp Strings to the National Music Conservatory: Classical Movements donated a set of harp strings plus $2,000 towards concert costs to Jordan's National Music Conservatory for the benefit of the Amman Symphony Orchestra and their collaborative concert with the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra.
  • Benefit Concert for the Welcome Table Choir of the Homeless: Every year, Classical Movements gives back to the community through our festivals such as the Serenade! Washington, DC Choral Festival, which includes benefit concerts for the Welcome Table Choir of the Homeless at the Church of the Epiphany in Washington DC..
  • Funding the restoration of a Choir Loft in South Africa: Classical Movements, trough our annual Ihlombe! Choral Festival donated much-needed funds for the restoration of the choir loft at St. Hubert's Catholic Church, established in 1919 in Alexandra, Johannesburg.
  • Donating Instruments for the East Cape Youth Orchestra and others: Classical Movements bought and donated six instruments to the Eastern Cape Youth Orchestra outreach and training program in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and also facilitated the donation of several insrumentsby one of our groups on tour.
  • Sponsorship of Full Tuition for Five Music Students: Classical Movements sponsored five music students from Buenos Aires to attend the University of Manitoba. Sponsorship included full tuition so that the students could benefit from a tertiary education.
  • Donations to Save the Black Rhinoceros: As part of each Ihlombe! South African Choral Festival, Classical Movements makes a donation to the preservation of the critically endangered Black Rhino, which faces devastating poaching because of a demand for rhino horn in some Asian countries.

Minnesota Orchestra principal cellist Tony Ross worked with students from the youth symphony in Havana, Cuba earlier this year. Photo: Nate Ryan | Classical MPR/Minnesota Orchestra

2007 Yale Alumni Chorus and Classical Movements donates various instruments to the Eastern Cape Youth Orchestra in Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Classical Movements is dedicated to facilitating musical exchanges and collaborations between our touring groups and local music groups in countries all over the world.

  • Visits to Brazilian Samba Schools: Over the years, Classical Movements has arranged visits to samba schools for over 30 musical groups totaling more than 1,500 people.
  • Cultural Exchange in Newly Opened Countries: On numerous occasions, Classical Movements has forged paths in countries recently opened to tourists, where groups have shared their culture and music. Just two examples of this is the Yale Institute of Sacred Music's visit to Burma/Myanmar in the summer of 2013 and the Minnesota Orchestra's visit to Cuba in May 2015.
  • Collaboration with the National Children’s Choir of Mexico: In 2009, Yale Concert Band collaborated with the National Children's Choir of Mexico, performing a joint concert for 200 under-privileged children and adults.
  • Musical Exchanges in Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, France: The collaborations arranged by Classical Movements extend through much of the western world, as we believe in the power of all cultures making music together.  These collaborations include symphonies and choruses from across the United States and involve joint rehearsals and performances with music conservatories, orchestras and choirs from countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, France, the UK, the Baltics, Russia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, and the Czech Republic.


Collaborative cultural exchange between Yale Concert Band members and Samba School members ar Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Yale Institute of Sacred Music in rehearsal with the AOC Orchestra at St Francis Cathedral, Burma/Myanmar

Cultural Exchanges with Choral ensembles all over the world


In an effort to broaden our clients' musical knowledge, Classical Movements offers workshop opportunities with world-renowned conductors, clinicians, and ensembles for our touring ensembles.

  • Workshops Abroad: During their tour of Brazil in 2011, The George Washington University Singers attended a workshop with CoralUSP in a renowned program merging classical and popular Brazilian music. Students learned about the Brazilian choral traditions and how Brazilian music is incorporated into classical music.
  • Lectures with Renowned Scholars: During a residency in Nazareth in June 2013, Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra students attended a lecture by the headmaster of the Nazareth Baptist School to learn about the history of the Arab-Israeli population and the Polyphony Foundation.
  • Retracing the Steps of History: As part of a concert tour in June 2013, the Morgan State University Choir went on an Aboriginal Heritage Walk in Melbourne, Australia, to learn about the country's Aboriginal inhabitants. This was followed by a lecture at the Australian Museum in Sydney and a presentation at Canberra University that provided additional information. It was an interesting, educational, and thorough look at the history of Australia and was much enjoyed by the university students.
  • Special Speaking Engagements in the Baltics: In July 2013, Classical Movements organized a special lecture for the Yale Alumni Chorus in Tallinn, Estonia, with guest speaker Mr. Trivimi Velliste, a renowned English philologist and psychologist from the University of Tartu, about the Estonian Singing Revolution.
  • Understanding South African Beats: Classical Movements has arranged for over 25 different groups from all over the world to attend workshops by renowned South African choral conductor and arranger, George Gobinga Mxadana and his historic Imilonji kaNthu Choral Society of Soweto Choir. This ongoing effort includes participating in drumming workshops, learning different South African songs, and spreading this music worldwide as a growing number of groups make these songs their own.
  • Concerts and Themed Tours in Europe: Classical Movements has arranged concerts in Arles (van Gogh), Auvers-sur–Oise (van Gogh), and Paris, (Musee D'Orsay), all a central part of famed French Impressionist art. The tour includes a visit to Giverny (Monet), a lunch break at a restaurant painted by van Gogh, and lectures by experts on the history and tradition of Impressionist painters.
  • Musical Walking Tours of Europe: Classical Movements has arranged many musical walking tours to European cities including Vienna, Venice, Prague, and Salzburg, to name a few.
  • Choral Workshops with over 400 Chinese Choral Conductors: In China, Classical Movements arranged for over 400 Chinese choral conductors to attend a master class for American choirs, who were able to work with Chinese clinicians and gain a deeper understanding of cross-culture musical exchange.

Students in a collaborative lecture during a Classical Movements tour

A touring youth orchestra in a collaboration workshop during a tour with Classical Movements


In addition to rich musical experiences while on tour, Classical Movements encourages clients to interact with and learn from the locals in active and engaging ways even in playing in some activity together.

  • Soccer Lessons in Brazil: Pacific Boychoir Academy visited a football club in Franca, Brazil, to play some soccer. Pacific Boychoir has had similar experiences all over the world through their ten tours arranged by Classical Movements.
  • Concerts for Inner-city Children: The National Youth Orchestra of Canada performed a special concert arranged by Classical Movements at the Mann Centre in Philadelphia, PA for over 3,000 inner city kids as part of an educational experience.
  • Friendly Baseball Games in Cuba and Japan: Two U.S. choirs visiting Cuba, where baseball is much loved, joined together on the 4th of July to play a friendly game of baseball against Cuban choristers and musicians. Afterwards, these groups interacted over a meal of hot dogs and an all American BBQ. A similar game was organized in Japan, where the sport of baseball is also incredibly popular!
  • Countless Social Gatherings, Games, Dance Lessons, even Kung Fu Lessons All Over the World: Over the years, we have coordinated many social events between hundreds of groups worldwide that include ice cream socials, movies & popcorn parties, children's games, waltz lessons in Austria, tango lessons in Argentina, Kung Fu lessons in China, tug of war competitions, Scottish highland games, and rugby matches, among many others.

Pacific Boy Choir played soccer in Brazil

Classical Movements is committed to service by offering opportunities to participate in preservation, rebuilding, and outreach activities in countries around the world.

  • Visits to Baphumelele Children’s Home: Classical Movements takes groups that travel to South Africa to a remarkable orphanage run by the amazing "Rosie," who rescues orphaned babies and young children and provides a meal a day in an impoverished, informal settlement outside of Cape Town. The effort has resulted in numerous on-the-spot donations collected by group members who are moved by the difficult circumstances and the good work being done.
  • Building Houses with the Niall Mellon Foundation: Groups such as The George Washington University Singers and Yale Concert Band have worked with the Niall Mellon Foundation, building houses to provide homes to families living in shacks in shanty towns in the Western Cape, South Africa.
  • Service Projects in San Juan de la Maguana: Yale Alumni Association and Smith College visited the Dominican Republic and completed service projects in San Juan de la Maguana, where they built houses, gardened and serviced ambulatory clinics.
  • Habitat for Humanity Projects: Classical Movements arranged a concert with the Box Hill Salvation Army Band in Melbourne, Australia, followed by work with four local Salvation Army missions, and has also painted houses in the impoverished community of Orange Farm, outside Johannesburg, South Africa.

The George Washington University Singers building houses through the Niall Mellon Foundation in Paarl South Africa

Yale Alumni Chorus members working in the gardens of the Seminary in Matanzas, Cuba during a service project in Cuba