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This summer, the Children's Chorus of Washington, directed by Joan Gregoryk, returned from 11 day, 6 concert tour to Italy. From Florence to Rome to the Vatican City, the choir did what they do best and serenaded the Italian countryside.

The choir kicked off their tour by singing in the Altamarca Estate Music Series. Following this concert, the choir traveled to Riva del Garde to perform. Next, the choir performed at the Pordenone Cathedral. "The concert at Pordenone was simply stunning! The acoustics were incredible and a full church of very appreciative townspeople together made for a most memorable performance. After each song, the audience applauded wildly and beamed at the choristers which made the choristers want to sing even better", said Founder and Artistic Director, Joan Gregoryk. The choir's final formal concert was held at St. Francis Church. While there, the Mayor of Costaccciaro asked the chorus to sing a ten-minute concert at the sight of a tower which had just been restored and dedicated that afternoon. For the final portion of the trip, the Children's Chorus of Washington had the esteemed privilege to be a part of High Mass at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice.

In between their six concerts, the chorus enjoyed exploring the many sights of Milan, Venice, Riva del Garda, Florence, Pisa, Assisi, Gubbio, Rome and Vatican City. In Florence, they visited the Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square), Campanile (Bell Tower), Piazza di San Giovanni (Baptistery) and the Accademia Gallery to see Michelangelo's David. The choir then traveled to the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi (St. Francis), where frescos by renowned late-medieval artists Cimabue and Giotto are featured. The Children's Choir of Washington was also fortunate enough to tour Vatican City and saw the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.

"It is because of the reputation of Classical Movements that we were able to have the privilege of singing High Mass at both St. Mark's and St. Peter's and getting on the schedules of the music festivals at Maser, Pordenone, Riva del Guarda, and Costacciaro." -Joan Gregoryk, Founder and Artistic Director, Children's Chorus of Washington

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