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This past June and July, the Grammy award winning Pacific BoyChoir, directed by Kevin Fox, undertook a 17 day-8 concert tour of Argentina. The boys visited Victoria, Córdoba, San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis and Buenos Aires.

The boys started out their Argentinean excursion in the city of Victoria. There, they explored the perfect combination of beautiful landscapes and the architecture of a city that dates back from colonial times. Then, they traveled on to Córdoba City which is located in the geographical center of the country. Its Mediterranean scene has turned the city into a cross road to all the corners of the Republic of Argentina. There, the Pacific BoyChoir visited a local school and performed a joint concert with the school's choir. While in Córdoba, the boys took a tour of the city, visiting San Martín Square, and marveling at City Hall and the Cathedral. On their last day in Córdoba, the Pacific BoyChoir was invited to an Argentinean BBQ at a local music director's home where they ate delicious food and all played soccer and hacky sack. Later that day, the choir performed their second concert at church in Córdoba.

Following their stay in Córdoba, the boys traveled on to San Juan. Once there, they immediately prepared for their concert, which was part of a local Music Series. They only stayed in San Juan for two days, then moving on to Mendoza, which is nestled at the foot of the mountains and offers a wide range of cinemas, theater, concert halls, and other cultural activities. Once there, the Pacific BoyChoir made a day trip to Puente del Inca, a full day high mountain tour. The boys traveled west up to Chile's border along Potrerillos dam and Mendoza river. They enjoyed beautiful landscapes of foothills until arrival at Uspallata village all on the way to Puente del Inca, a nature formation that mixes yellow and red colors in its ruins and hot springs. One day in Mendoza, the boys visited a local school and had a concert for the children.

On their final day in Argentina, the Pacific BoyChoir took a full day guided Fiesta Gaucho Tour. This lovely excursion was an excellent opportunity to get in close touch with the argentine Gauchos and traditional music and dances. They visited the Estancia Santa Susana situated in the countryside of Buenos Aires (Los Cardales, near Lujan) the famous Pampas of Argentina. The estancia Santa Susana is a beautiful country residence of an old ranch. Arriving at the Estancia, the boys were welcomed with empanadas. They strolled around on the farm, had a horse or carriage ride, visited the museum and watched the Gauchos prepare their barbecue. After lunch, the owner of the Estancia, played the traditional music and showed them how they use to dance in the Pampas. The gauchos then mounted up and begin their displays of horsemanship, in which the boys had front row seats.

"By learning what we have in common, a love and talent for music in this case, and by learning that we need each other to achieve things, we see what it takes to be extraordinary, more than a powerless, forgettable soul in the world, but rather one with a purpose and the tools to be the individual one wants to be. More than anything that can be taught in a classroom, this I feel is the greatest gift we can give to those growing up in the world today." (The Pacific BoyChoir website)

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