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Immediately upon landing in Paris, France, this highly regarded ensemble of 44 choristers from Oakland, California, headed straight for Notre Dame. Performing in the magnificent cathedral with an appreciative audience of nearly 2000 was surely a memorable way to begin their tour of Paris and Normandy this past July.

After this auspicious start, the Pacific Boychoir continued to delight audiences with their rich sound and outstanding musicianship at the Royal Chapel at Versailles, Levallois City Hall and the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur- Mer. The talented choir even received standing ovations at Chartres Cathedral and the Peace Memorial in Caen. A French music critic praised the group saying, "The Pacific Boychoir offered a palette of sound of a very high quality. The voices had a deep foundation; the technique was impeccable; the dynamics were impressive from the murmurs to the crescendi and the sound was never forced. All in all, the choir was a treat for the ears."

Director Kevin Fox received a touching letter from an elderly lady. Liberated by Americans when she was thirteen years old in 1944, she wrote, " hear those heavenly voices and think they may be the sons of GI's was very special." The grand finale to the tour was a performance at St. Sulpice, with an audience of over 500 admiring people, the choir's amazing sound, and another standing ovation.

The Pacific Boychoir's successful concerts in France were complimented by incomparable sightseeing opportunities. With the help of Classical Movements, they managed to find the perfect balance between performing and sightseeing. A boat tour on the Seine in Paris was fun for the boys and provided for many beautiful photos — especially when the boys donned French berets with style. Bastille Day Celebrations with a perfect view of the fireworks made an impression on the boys that they will remember forever. Lastly, the five nights of home-stays with French families were truly memorable experiences as the boys learned about local customs while sharing their American culture. The exchange promoted both international goodwill and the gift of music.

"All in all, between the venues, the sightseeing opportunities, and the quality of the singing, this was one of our best tours, if not the best."

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