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"Classical Movements founder Neeta Helms delivers musicians and singers all over the world with the precision of a Steinway piano tuner."
Washington Post, Tom Heath, September 15, 2013

2018: Celebrate Nelson Mandela's Centennial with Classical Movements
(Jan 31st, 2017)

Minnesota Orchestra, Cellist Alisa Weilerstein Bring the Heat to South Florida
(Jan 13th, 2017)

G'Day, America! Australia's Gondwana Chorale Launches Debut U.S. Tour
(Jan 11th, 2017)

ICF: Changing the Landscape of Choral Music in India
(Jan 5th, 2017)

Top 10 Project Videos of 2016
(Dec 29th, 2016)

Top 10 Tour Videos of 2016
(Dec 22nd, 2016)

Grammy-Winning Conductor Kevin Fox Joins CM Artistic Staff
(Dec 20th, 2016)

Prague Summer Nights: 2017 Live Audition Tour & Full-Length Trailer
(Dec 16th, 2016)