"My heartfelt gratitude to Classical Movements for the OrchKids Nation commission. This project celebrates two of the BSO's most passionate commitments: creating new music and educating and nurturing our community's youth. Thank you for helping to showcase the talents of OrchKids and our ground-breaking education initiative to a broader public."

Marin Alsop, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Music Director and Founder of OrchKids

Music Director of BSO Marin Alsop, Composer David Rimelis, Dan Trahey with Neeta Helms (President of Classical Movements), at the premiere of Rimelis' OrchKids Nation with several of the kids at Joseph Meyerhof hall

Composer Stephen Paulus, Music Director Philip Brunelle, Victoria Parker (Classical Movements) and 2012 Chorus America singers at the premiere of Classical Movement's newly commissioned piece When Music Sounds by Stephen Paulus

Dr. Jeffrey Douma, conductor of Yale Alumni Chorus, with composer Jorge Cordoba with Classical Movements President Neeta Helms and Alessandra D'Ovidio Operations Manager at the premiere of Cordoba's Tu at Sala Nezahualcoyotl in Mexico City

Composer Oscar Escalada and the participants of the 2006 Melodia! South American Music Festival at Argentina's Teatro Colon for the premiere of Eulogy to Childhood

Premier of Letlang Bana performed by Imilonji kaNthu Choral Society of Soweto during Ihlombe! 2010 concert at Regina Mundi RC Church in Soweto. Founder, conductor and Music Director George Gobingca Mxadana conducting and South African musician, director and composer of Letlang Bana Mokale Koapeng, at the piano.

Composer Oscar Escalada, Guest Conductor Doreen Rao and Neeta Helms, Vice President of Classical Movements at the 2006 Melodia! South American Music Festival in Argentina's Teatro Colon for the premiere of Eulogy to Childhood

Classical Movements President Neeta Helms with Bright Sheng, Composer of "A Porter's Song" in celebration of Yale Glee Club's 2013 concert tour to China commissioned by the Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program in collaboration with Yale Glee Club.

"The premier performance of this newly commissioned piece was wonderful and it was a fabulous creative experience for all of us at the Children's Chorus of Washington and we are deeply grateful to Classical Movements for making it possible to commission Mr. Kortekangas."

Joan Gregoryk, Music Director, Children's Chorus of Washington

Composer Ollie Kortekangas, Founder and Music director Joan Gregoryk with Johan van Zyl (Classical Movements) at a training workshop for Children's Chorus of Washington with the composer of Three Studies

Classical Movements Commissions
The Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program

While new music is a priority it can often be out of reach for non-profit ensembles. Classical Movements has taken this opportunity to assist our loyal clients by commissioning new works through our Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program. This is an exciting way to say thank you for loyal support, while also supporting composers worldwide.

Since the founding of the Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program in 2005, Classical Movements has commissioned a long list of works for various clients from a variety of composers representing a range of different cultures and backgrounds. These works have been premiered variously, at Carnegie Hall; at concerts while on tour in the respective countries of origin of the composer; at premiere events of these ensembles; as well as at Classical Movements' own festivals.

Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program Commissions:

2015: Ten commissions by American composers for The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Marin Alsop for their 100th season to be premiered as part of the BSO Centennial Celebrations.
  • Kristen Kuster-Moxie-Feb 2016
  • Christopher Rouse-Processional-April 2016
  • Joan Tower-Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman#6-May 2016
  • Libby Larsen-EARTH Holst Trope-May 2016
  • James Lee III-Thurgood's Rhapsody - Jun 2016
  • Caroline Shaw-Baltimore Bomb-Sept 2016
  • Lori Laitman-UNSUNG-Sept 2016
  • TJ Cole-Flights of Fancy-Nov 2016
  • Jonathan Leshnoff-Dancin' Blue Crabs-Feb 2017
  • Christopher Theofanidis-The GAME-Jun 2017

2015: American Jim Papoulis - Sounds of a new generation
  • For Timothy Sharp and the Miami Children's Chorus
  • World premiere May 2015 in Miami and also performed at the 2015 Rhapsody! Vienna, Salzburg and Prague Choral Festival

2015: American Andrea Ramsey - TBA
  • For the Children's Chorus of Washington, Anniversary Spring Concert - "Pass the Baton"
  • World premiere on May 22, 2016 for the retirement of founder and conductor Joan Gregoryk

2015: Five commissions for the American Choral Directors Association High School Honors Choir. World premieres at the ACDA National Conference in Salt Lake City on February 28, 2015
  • American Andre Thomas - Gloria (Glory to God); Conductor, Andre Thomas
  • Spanish Emilio Solé Sempere - Hearts Beat Together; Conductor, Cristian Grases
  • Canadian Sarah Quartel - Wide Open Spaces; Conductor, Bob Chilcott
  • English Will Todd - Gloria; Conductor, Elena Sharkova
  • American Jay Broeker - Peace Like A River; Conductor, Angela Broeker

2014: Estonian Piret Rips-Laul - Salve Regina
  • For Dr. James Armstrong and Dr. Jamie Bartlett, the Choir of the College of William and Mary and the Botetourt Chamber Singers
  • United States premiere April 2014; Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and Russian premieres in various cities during their Baltics and Russia tour in May 2014.

2013: European Andrew Gant - Psalm World
  • For Christopher Hampson and the Choir of Groton School
  • World premiere May 2013 at Groton School Chapel by the Choir of Groton School

2012: Chinese Bright Sheng - A Porter's Song
  • Commissioned in collaboration with and for Yale Glee Club
  • In celebration of their 2013 concert tour to China,
  • United States premiere November 2012, China premiere in various cities during their China tour in May/June 2013

2012: Canadian Aaron Jensen - We are as one
  • For Serenade! Washington DC Choral Festival 2012 - Celebration Concert
  • World premiere July 2012 by Serenade! Festival Choirs in Washington, DC.

2012: American Stephen Paulus - When Music Sounds
  • For VocalEssence in honour of their performance at Chorus America Conference
  • World premiere June 2012 by selected Chorus America Choirs

2012: Eight one-minute commissions for the Transient Glory® Symposium 2012 with Artistic Director Francisco J. Núñez, presented by Carnegie Hall Choral Institute and YPC-NYCT
  • For Transient Glory, world premieres February 2012 conducted by Transient Glory student conductor finalists and performed by Young Peoples Chorus of New York City
     American Derek Bermel - YPChant
     American John Corigliano - Upon Julia's Clothes
     American Douglas J. Cuomo - How to Survive in the Woods
     American David Del Tredici - Credo Fugue
     Cuban American Paquito D'Rivera - UN Minuto
     American Michael Gordon - Cinnamon
     Chinese American Bright Sheng - Thirty-Mile Village
     American Joan Tower - Descent

2012: American Ken Berg - The Cremation of Sam McGee
  • For Florida's Singing Sons Boychoir in honour of their 35th anniversary
  • World premiere on 5th May 2012 at Parker Playhouse, Fort Lauderdale, by Florida's Singing Sons Boychoir, also performed during the final Serenade! Washington, DC Choral Festival 2013 concert at Strathmore Music Centre

2011: Finnish Olli Kortekangas - Three Studies
  • For Children's Chorus of Washington in honour of their 15th anniversary
  • World premiere May 2011 at National City Christian Church, Washington, DC by Children's Chorus of Washington

2011: Cuban-American Tania Leon - Rimas Tropicales
  • For San Francisco Girls Chorus
  • World premiere June 2011 at Chorus America Conference in San Francisco, USA by San Francisco Girls Chorus

2011: American David Rimelis - OrchKids Nation
  • For Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in honour of Marin Alsop
  • World premiere March 2011 at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore, USA by Baltimore Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marin Alsop

2010: South African Mokale Koapeng - Letlang Bana
  • For Ihlombe! South African Choral Festival
  • World premiere July 2010 at the Regina Mundi RC Church in Soweto, South Africa by Imilonji ka'Nthu Choral Society

2009: South African Stephen Carletti - Evening Canticles
  • For St George's Cathedral Choir in honour of the visit of Florida's Singing Sons Boychoir to South Africa
  • World premiere September 2009 at St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town, SA by St George's Cathedral Choir

2009: Mexican Jorge Cordoba Valencia - Tu
  • For Yale Alumni Chorus' tour to Mexico
  • World premiere August 2009 at Sala Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico City by Yale Alumni Chorus

2008: American Daniel Brewbaker - El Angel
  • For Melodia! South American Music Festival 2008
  • World premiere July 2008 at La Plata Cathedral, La Plata, Argentina by Festival Choirs

2006: Argentinean Oscar Escalada - Eulogy to Childhood
  • For Melodia! South American Music Festival 2006
  • World premiere July 2006 at Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires by Festival Choirs

Commissions through the Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program to be announced soon for:
  • Pacific Boychoir Academy
  • Musyca Children's Choir
For more information please contact us.

Composers Grant Gershon, Janet Galvan, Douglas J. Cuomo, Johan van Zyl (Classical Movements), John Schaefer, Neeta Helms (President of Classical Movements), John Corigliano, with conductor Francisco J Nunez, and Young People's Chorus of New York City Choristers at the premiere of the 2012 Transient Glory Symposium eight compositions commissioned by Classical Movements

Music Director Timothy Sharp and the Miami Children's Chorus performing the world premiere of the Jim Papoulis commissioned Sounds of a new generation, performance in Miami May 2015. The choir also went on to perform the piece on tour at the Rhapsody! International Choral Festival in Vienna, Salzburg and Prague.

Composer Aaron Jensen with conductor Philip Brunelle at Jensen's premiere We Are As One performed by the 2012 Serenade! Washington, DC Festival Choirs

Florida's Singing Sons Boychoir premiere of Ken Berg's The Cremation of Sam McGee commissioned by Classical Movements in honour of FSSB 35th anniversary celebrations

"The entire Chorus felt welcomed by the Cuban audiences. Composer Tania Leon's piece that Classical Movements commissioned was well-received in the land of her birth. It was moving to be a bridge between the two countries."

Susan McMane, Artistic Director, San Francisco Girls Chorus

Composer Tania Leon, Music Director Susan McMane and Sara Casar (Classical Movements) at the premiere of Leon's Rimas Tropicales at the 2011 Chorus America Conference performed by San Francisco Girls Chorus

Composer Stephen Carletti and Conductor David Orr with the St George's Cathedral Choir in Cape Town at the premiere of Carletti's Evening Canticles commissioned by Classical Movements on behalf of Florida Singing Sons' visit to South Africa

Neeta Helms (Vice President of Classical Movements) with composer Daniel Brewbaker and Festival Guest Conductor Doreen Rao at the celebration dinner after the premier of El Angel in Buenos Aires, Argentina during Melodia! South American Music Festival 2008

Dr. Jeffery Douma, Director of the Yale Glee Club and a Associate Professor of Choral Conducting at the Yale School of Music in the middle with Sara Casar, Classical Movements Business Manager, second from the left after Yale Glee Club's premiere in New Haven of the Classical Movements and YGC commission of Bright Sheng's "A Porter's Song."