Classical Movements makes travel and concert arrangements for choirs across soon-to-be all seven continents. Since 1992, our client list has named professionals such as VocalEssence and MasterVoices (né Collegiate Chorale), symphonic choruses from Atlanta to Oslo, Ivy League glee/alumni clubs at Harvard and Yale, big university choirs like Maryland, Michigan and Morgan State, sacred youth from Grace Cathedral to Church of the Transfiguration, secular ones from Young People's Chorus of New York City to Los Angeles Children's Chorus, boychoir academies from Pacific to Drakensburg and girls' groups from Phoenix to Medicine Hat, name but a few. In addition to arranging choral performances in magnificent venues at major festivals—including three international ones of our own—CM can handle publicity, promotion and production, all while engaging orchestral collaboration across the globe. We believe in the universal language of music to reach beyond borders and foster true understanding between nationalities; choral singing is the shining example of that power.

"On behalf of the University of Maryland Chamber Singers I want to thank Classical Movements for providing us with the very best of tour planning, accommodations, travel and concert venues. Our audiences were large, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. We had an absolutely fantastic experience."

Ed Maclary, Director of Choral Activities - University of Maryland Chamber Singers

Yale Alumni Chorus, Yale Glee Club and Tekfen Karadeniz Philharmony Orchestra in Istanbul